THE LOVELY VOICE... a review of Naam Radiance




Megan Chaskey has been teaching yoga classes for years, and often toward the end of the classes she would sing some mantra chants to help everyone cool down and unwind and get into a resting or even meditative state. It went over so well that people in the classes started asking her if she had any recordings. This led her to start recording her series of Naam yoga music (Golden Bowl of Naam, Surrounded by Naam, Light of Naam and Naam Radiance). The latter has just been released and is an exquisite blend of old and new. She has a wonderful voice and sings the traditional words (in Sanskrit) that have been passed down in India for several thousand years. But Megan also contemporizes them by creating her own modern melodies.

Most of the tracks feature cellist David Darling (who got his start with Paul Winter in 1970 and subsequently has recorded with such new age stalwarts as Peter Kater and Ralph Towner). Also all over the Chaskey disc is co-producer Scott Petito on guitar, bass, piano and percussion. Petito, like Darling, is a recording artist himself with countless credits and a long history in the gentle music spectrum. A Celtic harp player from Ireland also makes a couple of appearances. These cats are supplemented by a powerful percussionist, Mike Guglielmo, and a couple of ace backing vocalists.

The end result is excellent new age music with hints of classical (primarily because of the cello), world-fusion (because of the Sanskrit lyrics and some of the percussion) and folk (because of Petito’s acoustic guitar and the vocalists). This is a recording well worth checking out. 



Change is in the air!

Yes, it’s the change of seasons, with a change in the angle of the light and the air smells different. A deeper, more profound change, though, is making itself felt.

 I have just returned east from a month in Santa Monica, California. Such a blessing to immerse myself in the uplifting atmosphere of the classes and gatherings at the new Naam Yoga LA Center there. Walking to and from the center each day I passed white roses blooming in the California autumn sunshine, white roses with a hint of pink.

 Seeing these flowers at different stages from buds to full blossoms, even though it’s definitely fall, reminded me of the kind-heartedness of the community of people there. Whether presented with the grief of a friend or another’s challenge, there is an all-pervasive loving-kindness that people emanate. Practicing Naam Yoga, chanting the Sacred Sound and learning Divine Spiritual Wisdom creates such a deep sense of community. We share this feeling that we are all involved in something very wonderful together. I felt so grateful to be able to witness the profound change it continually evolves in each of our lives.

 Adversity in any form challenges each of us. It tests us and asks us to ground ourselves in what is true. Doing the various kinds of breathing, mudras and the yoga along with the powerful music of Naam gives me such a feeling every day that everything is evolving to something better and better within us and around us.

 I would love to teach you some very simple and yet profound mudras or breathing practice that can lift your spirits in just minutes!

  Let’s be in touch!

Love, Peace and Light to All!

Sacred Music Album Naam Radiance: Healing Music for the Soul

Sacred Music Album Naam Radiance: Healing Music for the Soul

Chaskey’s desire to express the universal heartbeat, along with her deep sense of the healing power of sacred chant, inspired her to approach Guglielmo after hearing his intuitive drumming during kirtan, a centuries-old Indian tradition of devotional chant. Guglielmo then engaged David Darling and Scott Petito, owner of NRS, to raise the music “to the next level.” The result was Naam Radiance.