Poet, Author, Musician & Integrated Healer


a profound healing treatment system
that supports health, vibrancy and harmony
in our exquisite nervous systems as the bridge to our spiritual bodies
In Harmonyum treatment sessions, one experiences:
™  a light touch to the spine  ™  prayerful presence  ™  a space of healing relaxation  ™  clearing subconscious patterns encoded in the spine, e.g. inherited from our mother’s and father’s lineages, and laid down in early childhood   ™  while lying clothed and lightly covered  ™  P.S. not the Indian musical instrument (!) 
™  best experienced as a series, starting with 3   


universal techniques based on ancient teachings that clear, heal and balance our minds, bodies and hearts to restore vibrant physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual connection on the deepest levels of our souls’ longing
In witnessing the situations and issues that people are navigating at this time in our planetary history, I realize that more people need to know about and experience these profound systems.
We are seeing and feeling the effects of the deep shift in consciousness that are now upon us! It is a glorious opportunity!
I have had such profound transformation through Harmonyum Healing and Naam.
I feel deeply that they can serve anyone, anywhere, with the means to vibrant health on all levels, leading to an understanding of the process of spiritual growth
and reintegration with our soul substance.
Now is the time to access the ancient Divine Spiritual Wisdom that has been held in trust for this age.

I have been practicing Naam, and giving and receiving Harmonyum, for almost 15 years now. These piggybacked on my spiritual journey that began when I was a teenager. My matrilineal lineage has given me a deep resonance with Spirit through my grandmother.
The Divine Feminine is calling us to wake up and beckons us on the path to healing.


Naam and Harmonyum Healing as universal systems draw on a pure lineage of teaching through the mystic and teacher, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, who has developed these in a deep interconnection between Western and Eastern mystical wisdom.


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23rd Psalm - song of my soul

This psalm by King David, sung by Megan Chaskey to her own original melody, is a beautiful prayer to help transform sorrow into love, peace and harmony, lighting our way on the path of open-hearted oneness with the Source of All.



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Birdsong Under the Wisdom Tree
from 21.99

Collected Poems
a book of hours in the life of a poet
In her newly published book, Megan Chaskey interweaves a lifetime of poems,
journal entries, and memoir.

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Light of Naam

Soothing, uplifting sacred meditation music, like music of the spheres: angelic vocals with cello, Celtic harp and guitar. Listen or chant along with these ancient mantras in beautiful original arrangements. For healing, deep relaxation and meditation.

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Naam Radiance


Yoga /meditation /healing mantras, set to original melodies and sung by Megan Chaskey, featuring Grammy Award-winning musicians on cello and Irish harp.

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Based on Universal Kabbalah, we look at the underlying patterns that govern your life in order to wisely choose the best path towards spiritual, emotional, relationship and material well-being. Includes the best timing for new projects, relationships or weddings.

Harmonyum Healing

These treatments - with a gentle, rhythmic touch to the spine - help release patterns encoded in your nervous system, such as those inherited from family lineages and childhood experiences, to create a deep, healing state profoundly benefitting all areas of life.


Access these pure, powerful, single (ingredient) essences and see how they support personal spiritual growth, emotional vibrance and health through a deep, vibratory resonance between one's own body intelligence and these loving beings of Nature.