Birdsong Under the Wisdom Tree


Birdsong Under the Wisdom Tree

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Collected Poems
a book of hours in the life of a poet
In her newly published book, Megan Chaskey interweaves a lifetime of poems,
journal entries, and memoir.

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This is a love story: of Megan's love of the magical and mystical in words, of meeting her husband poet/organic farmer Scott Chaskey through poetry while in England, and of her deep intimacy with both the inner landscape of imagination and the eloquent worlds of nature and relationship. Megan’s musical voice evolves from her younger years in an artistic family through loss and renewal as a woman, mother, beloved wife of Scott for over 30 years, poet, musician, and teacher.

Loving your beautiful book, Megan. I have it on my side table in my office and I reach for it between patients when I need a lift and light that only poetry can shed. Thank you!
— Carole Symer