Sacred Music Album Naam Radiance: Healing Music for the Soul

Singer and Healer Megan Chaskey
Joins with Award-Winning Musicians
to Honor the Sacred Sound Current

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SEATTLE, February 2014 – The advent of the 12th Annual World Sound Healing Day on Valentine’s Day expresses the growing interest in this ancient restorative practice. Megan Chaskey’s fourth sacred music album Naam Radiance is a tribute to the healing naam, or sacred sound current. Produced by multiple award-winning NRS Recording Studio, the album grew out of Chaskey’s collaboration with first-rate musicians, including Grammy award-winning cellist David Darling, award-winning producer and multi-instrumentalist Scott Petito, and creative percussionist Mike Guglielmo.

Chaskey’s desire to express the universal heartbeat, along with her deep sense of the healing power of sacred chant, inspired her to approach Guglielmo after hearing his intuitive drumming during kirtan, a centuries-old Indian tradition of devotional chant. Guglielmo then engaged David Darling and Scott Petito, owner of NRS, to raise the music “to the next level.” The result was Naam Radiance.

Along with Chaskey’s heartfelt singing and original melodies, the album features cello, percussion, piano, bass, guitar and Irish harp, embracing such diverse influences as Celtic song, Gregorian chant, lyrical jazz, and rhythmic and melodic elements from India, Africa and Brazil. The musical mantras serve as invocations, prayers of praise and gratitude, and meditations for aligning with the essential source of life, healing and abundance.

“Exquisite! I’m hooked!” – J.D., on

“Megan's voice is spirit manifested as vibration!” – Sheryl H., yoga teacher, on, about Megan’s singing on her previous album Golden Bowl of Naam

About the Artists

Megan Chaskey (vocals) – Megan Chaskey is a spiritual coach, Naam Yoga therapist, yoga teacher, Universal Kabbalist and Harmonyum healer. The founder of Heartways Music, she is also a musician (voice, flute, Baroque recorder), poet, writer and playwright.

David Darling (cello)  – David Darling’s career spans multiple genres, from his 17-year association with the Paul Winter Consort to innovative performances with musicians, writers, dancers and well-known figures like Joseph Campbell. Darling’s album A Prayer for Compassion, produced with Mickey Houlihan, won the 2010 Grammy Award for Best New Age Album. In 1986, he co-founded Music for People to teach and promote musical creativity worldwide.

Mike Guglielmo (percussion) – Mike Guglielmo has worked with such outstanding percussionists as Johnny “Paradiddle Joe” Morris, Norman Grossman, Elvin Jones and Thaan Master Swami Nadabrahmananda. His performance and recording credits include Bushe, Rocket 88, Livingston and James Taylor, Vassar Clements, Maria Muldaur and Juma Sultan. Following 9/11, his commitment to peace and healing led him to earn his BS in Music Therapy in 2005.

Scott Petito (piano, bass, guitar, percussion, production)  – The owner of NRS Recording Studio and a gifted multi-instrumentalist, Scott Petito has performed, recorded and produced with many top names, including the Taylors, Dave Brubeck, Pete Seeger, Keith Richards and Stevie Wonder. NRS Recording Studio has earned Grammy nominations, European gold records, and Top 40 AC singles.  

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Scott Petito recorded, mixed, and mastered the music at NRS Recording Studio ( in Catskill, New York.